Our office is located in a great area, and we offer many amenities that make your work day more enjoyable.

Meet the Neighbourhood

Nearby amenities that are within a five minute walk from our office include:

• Rosedale subway station
• Variety of restaurants
• Major shopping mall
• Daycare centre
• Fitness club
• Park and walking trails
• Library
• Church

Easy morning commute

Our building is located directly across from the Rosedale subway station. Many of our employees take public transit to work, and travel in from all over the GTA. For those of you who like to bike to work, racks are available right in front of our building. 

Onsite Gym for Employees

We provide our employees with a free membership to a fully equipped gym onsite, including features such as:

• Treadmills
• Stationary bikes
• Rowing machines
• Weights
• Private washrooms with showers
• TV and stereo