The College values all its employees and treats them with respect, fairness and equality.

Staff Social Events Highlights

Staff holiday party at
Great Hall facility

Summer event at AGO for
Picasso exhibit

Halloween pumpkin carving

Staff potluck & BBQ

Staff breakfast & movie

Collaboration and teamwork

RCDSO believes that employees thrive in environments that reward teamwork and collaboration. That is why we invest significant time and energy into creating a positive and safe environment where everyone can share ideas, solve problems and thrive and grow as individuals and teams.

Strengthening bonds between co-workers

A little down time can help strengthen working relationships. We have a great social committee that organizes potlucks, breakfasts, a summer event and a holiday party on behalf of staff. People get a chance to relax and get to know one another. It is also a great opportunity for new employees to meet their co-workers.

Giving back to the community

Our social committee organizes a Thanksgiving food drive in collaboration with the local food bank. During the holiday season, employees donate gifts as part of a toy drive that benefits local charities.